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Journal 4

During this weekend, the company had to prepare 3 wedding. All employees were so busy to their works. My supervisor signed me to be an assistant of a wedding planner, Tommy. He and I had to decorate one wedding ceremony. Yes, only two of us. I felt unbelievable and stressful, because I had no experiences on wedding decoration. My main jobs were set up a sign in table and a cake table. Before we moved to hotel, Tommy showed me a demonstration and taught me how to use silks, satins, and flowers to set up the table. He says: “I don’t care how you make them stable; all I need is pretty and fast”. Before we move to hotel, I need to pack up all the staffs which would be used on the ceremony. We spend a whole hour to prepare all the elements, including a ten inches high flower stand to a small needle. Everything needed to be pack and keep them safety during the transition. The wedding started at 6, we only had two hours to work. While we arrived to the hotel, Tommy and I start to focus our separate works. In the beginning, I was slow and made sure I follow each step which Tommy taught me before. In the same time, I had to pass tools and give Tommy a hand. However, whenever how I make the satins into a curve, they looked unbalance and ugly. The time was running off, I still worked on those uncontrolled satins; Tommy asked me to stop and watched him do it again. He only use haft hour to set up those two tables. During the whole process, I only stood aside, passed tools and make sure the decorations were stable. In the end, I think this was an unforgettable and embarrassed experience, but I am sure I can do better next time.

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