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Kenneth Journal Entry #2

So I set up the date and time for the interview and the day finally gets here. It wasn’t your ordinary office interview; it was at the CEO’s apartment complex on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. So I met him and the leader of the arte department at the lobby and we went to the last floor terrace where you can see the beautiful skyline of Manhattan.  We sat and then they we started conversing. Firs they started by telling me about there company. Then I told them about myself, and showing them my work, which they really seem to like. After that they told me that they have a little exercise they wanted me to do. They wanted me to create and draw out a “business look” costume for nonexistent fish Bobby. So I started sketching and I drew a cartoony 3d model of a fish wearing a suit and tie and they loved it. We then wrapped it up there and they said they would review a few things and that they’ll shoot me an email within 3 to 4 days. A few days passed and I get an email from The CEO, I was nervous to see what it said and then I read and it said that they were happy to move forward and that they wanted to set up another meeting to on board and go into detail what I would be doing.

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