The Church of the Dominican Convent – STEPHANIE SANCHEZ

The Church of The Dominican Convent is a jewel to America. The Dominican Convent has been stand for more that 3 centuries, to be exactly since 1510s, is one of the most important, oldest buildings in America, a masterpiece. As the time pass, by the years the church suffered changes. In 1517 the church was occupied for frails, then in 1937 became the first university of America known as University Saint Thomas Aquino. Actually a museum that have safe and save all the hysterics secrets. This apotheosis was the beginning of the history of believers and is absurd and irrational to think that the church should be torn down to construct recreation in a colonial zone. You might be thinking, Who can think is a good thing to do? Do they want to approve this decision? Well! this is the most ignorant, insensate and irrelevant proposal I ever heard before, destroy a masterpiece full of history  to build a recreation park. Although the president declare this building as a worth preserve building complement of America and The Dominican Republic  history.

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