The Rockefeller center is a celestial structure. It shouldn’t be changed under any circumstances. Its historical value alone is worth preservation. The unethical Michael Graves has sinister plan to turn the wondrous building into a casino. How low and malicious can one be? The thought of this aesthetic structure turned into some mediocre gambling warehouse is sickening. The brilliant Raymond Hood and his classic and elegant style of Modern Art Deco helped establish this structure , but most importantly the one responsible was none other than John D. Rockefeller Jr, who at wanted to build an opera house but changed his mind due to the stock market crash. This $250,000,000 structure built in 1930 and completed 1939 brought new unimaginable images to manhattan from its extraordinary sight on July 4 to illuminating, warm, and comfortable view during the holidays. Michael Graves has clearly forgotten this extreme complexity of this building. Your everyday average building doesn’t employ 40,000 people to construct in almost a decade. This historic landmark shouldn’t have absolutely no future intentions of change this building belongs to the Rockefeller Clan, Hood, and all the other worker who strived and dedicated themselves into completing this building. Does Graves think that combining a casino with a historical landmark is going to make them both dovetail? Or is he trying to make a quick dollar? Have you not realized that if your messing with the Rockefeller Center your messing with not only New York but America as well. If Graves wants to play with fire by turning this palpable structure in to a casino then America will give him burn he will never forget. Please back off our Rockefeller!

The Monumental Rockefeller Center during the holidays.

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