What’s worth preserving? – Diego Vega

According to the Chapter 3 “what’s worth preserving?” From the book “Writing about Architecture”, preserving a building or ancient structure has been an issue which critics have discussed through the years. If people decided to demolish an old architectural structure, for me it is like destroy the integrity and memory of the architects. Each of these edifications that have been built in the past has a purpose in society nowadays, no matter how beautiful, huge, old or insignificant these structures are; they have a strong impact in the modern Architecture even though some people might disagree and refuse to keep them still alive. In the chapters the author provides us 5 values that we have to study and analyze before we make a decision that can affect seriously in the social surroundings in which these ancient structures are placed. However, I found something very intriguing in this chapter, “Davidson open with the admission that the destruction of the building will be for the greater good of the neighborhood, which badly needs a new hospital (use value), but not for the city as an interesting place” (pg. 88). It made think that in some cases the demolition of structures is unavoidable and that at the end it is for a good cause; for instance, to build a health center which will help the needy people. Finally, I think this battle about whether or not preserving a structure will continue being discussed day by day and the people who make the final decision should have good arguments and reasons that instead of cause damages to architecture help to keep alive the importance of these structures and to respect the criterion and the point of view of the people who praise highly the ancient architecture.  

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