What worth preserving?

As I read this passage I began to understand why the writer thought of what landmarks are worth preservation. I realize that there are a multitude of historic buildings that are worth preserving. What’s  debatable is the qualities of the building compare to another building that’s also deserving  to become a permanent historic monument. I believe the truly special buildings that should have their landmarks are buildings that are able to compliment and support the environment or community  they surrounded by. All buildings should be able to show aestheticism because what would be the purpose of creating a structure that is unappealing to a community. The truly preservable buildings were able to communicate with its environment. For example, in chapter three of the novel WRITING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE the author describes different historical buildings, one in particular is Henry Miller’s Theater in New York City. During this buildings prime, it served as a site of entertainment since televisions and technology were only just a thought. This theater was not only aesthetic but it served its community and its whole thought was to entertain people. That’s what worth preserving, a building that was able to bring some sort of service to its community.

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