Class Notes – 11/6

Gehry’s Bilbao Museum

Think about:

Materials, texture, color, light, relationships with surrounding buildings/environment, pattern


iridescent, smooth, curvy, sharp, spiky, wavy, metallic, layers, reflective

eccentric, loud, shiny, shapely, intricate, bright, open, different, inspirational, fun

curves, smooth, complex, twisted, reflect, silver, stripe, tall, confusing

shiny, sharp, bright, curvy, iridescent, smooth, texture, color metallic,

shiny, smooth, compact, complicated, large, round, white, curvy, abstract, metallic

steel, patterns, lights, shapes, blocks, smooth, bricks, metallic, white, environment, glass, marble, curvy, twisted

mechanical, sharp, curves, irregularly shaped, open space, polluted, bow-shaped, shiny, smooth,different

curves, asymmetrical, smooth, futuristic, metal, shiny, boat, scrapyards, reflection

curved, skinny, movement, sharp, creative, iridescent, bold, creative

aesthetic movement, overlapping, chaos, shaping, harmonious, eccentric, illuminates, futuristic, celestial

smooth, iridescent, spiky, complex, silver, crowded, colorful, silver, glass

iridescent, convoluted, hard, spike, heavy, slim, curvy, technology, authentic, roller coaster

huge, hard, strong, irregular, smooth, energetic, curvy, bright, twisted

futuristic palace, strong, soft, special treasure, proportional, inspirational, shiny, comfortable, powerful, curved

shiny, iridescent, unique, random, smooth, futuristic, complex, convoluted, abstract

iridescent, wide, shiny, reflective, curved, smooth

water, curtains, flow, beaten metal, padded, billowing, waves, voluptuous, silver, glass, extravagance


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