Grand central Terminal- Stalin Lozado

Grand central terminal designed by Reed and Stem; Warren and Wetmore, is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world and one of the largest station in the world based on its many platforms; 44 with 67 railroads. This terminal is a great architectural admiration world wide because of its large size and because of its inner capacity.


Opened in 1903 Grand central has a great variety of shops and restaurants for the about 500,000 people that go through it every day. The ceiling itself shows the beaux architectural style of the terminal. Its great glass windows and its classical stone and brick structure give the station a way of life and structural vividness. Its great structural form and its waiting areas are always astonish many of the people that go through daily on their way to work or on their way home. And also people who are sightseeing one of the greatest architectural classics of New York City.


Many architects say that Grand central terminal is a sight to see because of its great history and structure, and I agree that this station is a place where many people take their wedding pictures or where they just go relax with the family. This terminal is a great structure and family place and a great traveling station.

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