Paper #1 Peer Review/Self Assessment

— catchy phrase
— summarize your argument
— NOT “Paper #1”

* Writing a summary peer review
— Does the summary provide enough information to cover the content/argument of the article?
— Does the summary focus on the big/main ideas of the piece?
— Does the summary describe the evidence used in the article to support its argument?
— Does the summary use the student’s own words?
— Does the summary jump around from point to point or are all of the ideas presented in a connected, logical manner? (sentence-to-sentence transitions)
— Does the summary present the topic and the thesis of the article?
— Does the summary present the basic bibliographic information about the article (who wrote it, where was it published, what type of piece is it)?
— Does the summary follow the assigned summary format?
— Is it written clearly and free of grammatical mistakes?
— Does it quote an important phrase from the article?

New paragraph – Transition Statement
— Does the transition statement do a good job of moving the reader from the summary paragraph to the first paragraph?
— Does it catch the reader’s attention?
— Is it clearly written?
— Does it summarize both the topic of the previous paragraph and the next paragraph?

— Does your research support your thesis statement?
— Are opinions supported?
— Are sources cited using MLA parenthetical citation?
— Does each paragraph center on a single topic?
— Are there parts of the response that can be expanded?

— Does the essay follow MLA format?

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