Diego Vega – THE SUMMARY

According to the article “Architecture and The Lost Art of Drawing” by Michael Graves, believable or not, nowadays architects and designers are leaving aside the ability of freehand drawing due to fact that computers and technology are now around us. The Author admits frankly that computers allow architects to make projects well organized and to have a better projection of what they want to show to the world; however, architects also have the requirement of developing their thoughts, their ideas and creativity by making freehand drawings. In addition, Graves points out that drawings are not just beautiful pieces of art, drawings are one of the most fundamental things for him because they help him to remember what is his first point of view and his real intention of the new project to execute. Graves also states that no matter how useful is the use of computers, it cannot in any case replace the value and importance of drawings. Creativity and drawings are a complement of architecture. I totally agree with the Graves’ yardstick of how important is to keep the tradition that characterizes an architec, which is the freehand drawing.

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  1. Carlos Mo Wu says:

    It’s fluent and concise.

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