group #2

Welcome to the new and improved transit system that New York City has to offer, It upbeat and attractive. Take a ride on NYC-Transport12. It’s a roaring roller coaster, that runs thought the city. You will get a perspective of the city you have never seen before. It will take you all over the city: from the deep blue waters of the east river, to the lush green acres of central park. There will never be a dull moment on the coaster. On the ride you will have a variety of aromas hitting your noises: From the smell of sugar being caramelizing at the peanut stands to the smell of fresh pizza coming off the oven. This roller coaster is a big improvement on the current transit system, instead of being pressed agents a wall because the train is over flowing. All rides will have their own cushioned sit, where they can enjoy the commute home rather them dread it. NYC-Transport12 will redefine the way you commute in the big apple!

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