Nicolas Rodriguez 3 unphotographable moments

                                         Unpotographable moment 1

         This is a  moment I was unable to photograph. As I am going home on the train one wednsday on board arrives an elderly women wearing a green dress with floral paterns on it, and a pink striped shirt. As the train moves from stop to stop she begins preaching about God and Jesus. Even though her preaches fell on deaf ears she continued to speak about God and the bible claiming to try and save use from evil. After many stops she gets of the train and stops all her preaching.



                              Unphotographable moment 2

              This is a moment I was unable to photograph. As I was walking home from the park around the middle of the park where there are the fountains are two people, one little boy ,and an elder man who appeared to be in his thirties. They were demonstrating impressive break dancing, doing things which seem physically impossible. Quickly a huge crowd takes form witnessing the talents of these two. They begin to spin around, perform amazing flips. and show feats of strength as one starts to spin around by his head and perform flips using one hand.


                                Unphotographable moment 3

              This is a moment I was unable to photograph. It is a rainy day one as I am going to class. While waiting  for the bus there is a man dressed in dark blue colors wearing thick glasses. Water is pouring down into the subway because of the rain which appears like a miniature waterfall. The man shuting his eyes stands underneath the crashing cold water. Everyone else stops to stare and take pictures of this insane gesture. The man with his arms spread out stands still and calm as all the water pours onto him.

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