This picture was taken near poly tech college building, I choose this picture because the different mood it gives off, take the colorful metal piece for example, and it gives a happy, cheerful feeling because of the multi-colors that are sprayed on the metal. On the other hand if you look on the floor or around it, you can see the dead leaf and dirt on the floor, so you can this get this little sad feeling from it. Also the other reason was that this caught my attention while I was walking home and I thought it looked somewhat artistic the way it was set up, so I decide to take pictures of the metal pieces and use it for my essay.



Queens, and a Saturday morning

This picture was taken was taken in Queens near Hook Creek, the reason I took this picture was because the spring time feeling it gave. I was just walking near where my dad was working and I notice the view and sun were very relaxing, so I thought of taking a picture because this was actually one of the best weathers we had for the past months. The picture gives off a relaxing and smooth feeling because you can tell that it was very quiet and everyone looked be home because of the park car and it was also was Saturday.



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  1. Hi Manpreet,

    I approve of your photos. They look like they will yield an interesting comparison.
    Prof. Scanlan

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