Interference Archive Post

So last week we went and visited the Interference Archive in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn.  It’s housed in a building with other businesses and small but homely and well organized space.  While there we met and listened to Mike Clemow and he spoke to us about what it’s like running and producing his own podcast (I believe he said he does 1 a year) and the process is actually not as easy as some would think (Think a couple of weeks for just 10 to 30 minutes of podcasting).

ia_stacks This photo is of the well organized stack and space of IA.  I really liked the organization of the place and it seemed like it would be relatively easy to find whatever items they may need there.


This is a snip from the website for IA with there info and a cheeky pic to the left of something that says Propaganda, a worksheet.


1. Why does it take so long to produce a podcast (weeks)?

2. If a person wanted to broadcast a station, how would people know what frequency to tune into?