Podcast Assignment

In groups of 4-5, develop a 15-20 minute podcast on a topic related to Grand Central Terminal and/or some of the themes (transit infrastructure or history, neo-classical architecture, commuter culture, landmark preservation, urban ecology, activism, public space, etc.) we’ve explored so far this semester.

Each group will be responsible for the content, format, and technical delivery of the podcast.

Examples of podcast formats include:

  • Historical Narratives
  • Walking Tours
  • Interviews
  • Panel Discussions

In addition to creating and editing an audio recording, each group will:

  • Strategically incorporate or reference at least two relevant resources.
  • Select an image to accompany your podcast with a license that permits reuse.
  • Provide basic metadata for your podcast including at least three descriptive keywords.
  • Select a Creative Commons license to dictate how your podcast can be used by others.

This activity will be completed in 4 stages

  1. planning and prewriting
  2. research and script development
  3.  technical production
  4. reflection

Rubric for evaluation

  • Clarity of thematic focus 25%
  • Research extent 25%
  • Critical engagement with course themes and research materials 25%
  • Quality of final artifact  25%

This final project is worth 15% of your overall grade for the course.