Our first exam will take place next Wednesday, 2/23/22, during class. It will consist of problems selected from the New York State Regents exams .

Students who do not achieve at least 85% on the exam will have two opportunities to pass a make-up exam. A student who does not pass exam #1 with a minimum score of 85% cannot receive a passing grade for the course.

What will the format of the exam be?

  • The exam will be written (on paper) and will be given during class.
  • You may use a calculator (graphing or scientific) during the exam. Use of phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronics is prohibited during the exam.
  • You may not use any notes, books, or other materials during the exam.
  • No scratch paper will allowed on the exam (the back of the exam paper(s) may be used for scratch work).

How should I prepare?

There are three Regents Exams in Mathematics, Algebra I, Geometry, and Algebra II. You should be prepared to answer questions from all of these exams. Past exams and prep materials are abundant online (just google NY Regents Math). The homework assignments in our class provide examples of problems from each of the exams. For additional practice, you can try out the Sample Items provided by EngageNY – each document contains about 15 problems similar to those on the Regents Exams, along with complete solutions and grading rubrics:

NY Regents Sample Items from EngageNY: