Hi everyone,

Your first homework assignment consists of some problems from the book, as well as a WeBWorK assignment – these are due on Tuesday (written work must be handed in in class, WeBWorK must be completed online by the end of the day).  Your first OpenLab Assignment is due next Tuesday, September 3 (future OpenLab assignments will generally be due on Thursday – the due date for the first assignment is unusual as Thursday, September 5th, runs on a Monday schedule).

Welcome back,
Prof. Reitz

Week 1 Assignments
Written work  due Tuesday September 3th –  Sec 1.1 p.7: 1, 12, 19, 26, 29, 35
NOTE: On this assignment, odd problems are worth 2 points and even problems worth 4 points.
WeBWorK – WeBWorK 1, due Tuesday September 3th at midnight
OpenLab – Register for the OpenLab and join this course (instructions provided in a separate post).  “OpenLab #1: Advice from the Past” due Tuesday, September 3.