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Final Grades are posted

Hi everyone,

Your grades have been submitted to CUNYFirst, and a detailed breakdown of your grades (including your score on the the final exam) has been posted to the GRADES page on the OpenLab.  Send me an email if you have forgotten the password.

Happy holidays to all, and the very best of luck in your future work.

Best regards,
Prof. Reitz

Final Exam Review is posted

Hi everyone,

The review sheet for the final exam has been posted under Classroom Resources / Exam Reviews.  As always, let me know in person, by email, or here on the OpenLab if you have any questions.

NOTE: The Review Sheet contains solutions to most, but not all, problems – the rest of the solutions will be added this weekend.

Prof. Reitz

Week 13 Assignments

Written work, due Tuesday, November 27th, in class:
Chapter 10 p167: 1, 2, 5, 10, 15**
WeBWorK – none
OpenLab – none

** NOTE: Because of the exam on 10/27, this assignment due date is postponed until the following Tuesday, 12/4

Project – Feedback on Initial Draft of paper will be sent by email over the Thanksgiving break.  Final Draft of paper due in class on Tuesday, 12/4.
Group Presentations on Tuesday, 12/4 and Thursday, 12/6.


Exam #3 Review is posted

Hi everyone,

The review sheet for Exam #3, taking place on Tuesday 11/27, is posted under Classroom Resources / Exam Reviews.  As always, if you have any questions or notice any errors please let me know (by email, in person, or here on the OpenLab).

Prof. Reitz

Recommended classes for Spring 2019 – MAT 3050 and MAT 3080

I highly recommend the following two courses being offered in the Spring Semester – they are awesome, and will put to use many of the skills you learned in this class:

MAT 3050 Geometry I

MAT 3080 Modern Algebra

They are both required for math ed majors – for others, feel free to ask me about whether they are part of your program.

NOTE: Some students are having trouble enrolling because of prerequisite issues – if you run into this problem, email Prof. Douglas for assistance.

Prof. Reitz

Midterm Grades are posted on the OpenLab

Hi everyone,

Your midterm grades are posted on the OpenLab Gradebook  (Dashboard / OpenLab Gradebook). Your grade is based on the following work completed so far:

Homework 30%, OpenLab 25%, Exams 45%

Midterm grade key:
Ppassing/satisfactory progress; likely to complete course requirements.
Ufailing/unsatisfactory progress; not likely to complete course requirements.
BLborderline; barely passing or just below passing; there is a reasonable expectation that the student will pass the course
SAstopped attending; for students who were attending (at least once) and have now have stopped attending your class.
WN grade: Student never attended. Do not assign this grade.  This information was based on the “ verification of attendance” (VOA) roster you submitted at the 3rd week of the semester.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Prof. Reitz

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