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  1. Thank you Ariane for posting. It was really great experience working with you for the presentation. You were so great in selecting and putting things together. I also loved the fact that you brought other colleagues’experiences into preparing and presenting including the Chair Sandie, OG Leaders Marianna and Laura etc.
    I believe that we all agree that it was a great experience attending (presenting) at ICTCM 2018.
    I would like to thank our Chair Department Sandie Han for making possible our participation in this great conference.
    I wold also like to thank the leaders of OG Jonas, Marianna, Laura, and Charlotte for giving such clear instructions and catalyzing the process of using and creating new OER, STEM applications, and interactive activities.
    I cannot forget great presentations in the conference of our colleagues Johan, Boyan,and Satyanand and their pure influence in our learning about new tools and strategies of teaching.
    Thank you all very much for the contribution and effort!

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