City Tech Fellows

Suman Ganguli (Senior Fellow)

Dr. Suman Ganguli has taught as an adjunct faculty member in the Mathematics Department at City Tech for the past four years. He is also an Associate Faculty member of the Brooklyn Institute for Social Research, where he develops and teaches courses at the intersection of mathematics and philosophy. He received a B.S. in mathematics from the University of Chicago, where he also fulfilled the requirements for a B.A. in the History and Philosophy of Science. He subsequently earned a master’s degree in computer science and a Ph.D. in mathematics from Cornell University, and a master’s degree in Financial Engineering from the University of California Berkeley. Before returning to academia and teaching, he worked in the private sector in the fields of quantitative finance and data science.

Lucie Mingla (Senior Fellow)

Lucie Mingla is an Adjunct Professor of Mathematics at City Tech and ASA College. She received her BS in Mathematics at University of Tirana in Albania since 1984. She has been serving as teacher of mathematics, Assistant Principal and Citywide Professional Development Leader conducting the workshops and qualifications in curriculum matters, effective strategies of teaching, assessing students and analyzing data. Once she came to NY in 2005 she continued her higher education at Globe Institute of Technology for Computer and English Literacy and on 2011 she received her Master in Science Education (Mathematics) at Mercy College in NY. She has been teaching different levels of secondary grades in mathematics and for the past five years in higher education at City Tech and ASA College teaching various levels from Remedial to Calculus 1. She also has been teaching in different programs provided from Research Foundation (CUNY) such as Bridge the Gap and College Focus. She is passionate in creating curriculum, attending conferences, webinars and workshops related to new active strategies and technology.

Wladina Antoine

Varalakshmi Duvvuri

Rodley Ferguson

Katherine Poirier

Lutfun N. Rahaman

Alex Rozenblyum

Victor L. Sirelson

Dongmei Yu