Seminar #2

Using Open Digital Pedagogies in the Math Classroom, rm. N227

10:30 am     Coffee and Introduction to Deliverables

11:00 am    Using Open Digital Pedagogies in the Math Classroom

Presenters: Jody R. Rosen, OpenLab Co-Director & Associate Professor of English,  Andy McKinney, Senior OpenLab Digital Pedagogy Fellow, Syelle Graves, OpenLab Digital Pedagogy Fellow, Kristen Hackett, OpenLab Digital Pedagogy Fellow

                 Abstract: The OpenLab Team will give a brief introduction to the OpenLab and show examples of Open Digital Pedagogy.

12:00 pm    iPads in the Classroom

        Presenter: Marianna Bonanome from the Opening Gateways Team

Abstract: Computer labs are no longer the only way to put the internet in the hands of your students in the classroom. We’ll show you how our mathematics department faculty are using tablets to increase student engagement and maximize the utility of our instructional time. This will be a hands-on demonstration of some of our tablet-powered best practices.

1:00 pm     Lunch and Discussion of Assigned Reading

Open Digital Pedagogy=Critical Pedagogy by Jody R. Rosen and Maura A. Smale, reading prompt

1:20 pm    Feedback

Upcoming Events

Friday, October 6, 2017, 10:30 am-1:30 pm:  Open Educational Resources (joint BMCC and City Tech, held at BMCC)