“Treasure Hunt” Flatbush, Brooklyn (Tatiana King)

I live in Flatbush, Brooklyn. I absolutley love my neighboorhood. what i like most about Flatbush is the diversity of different cultures and ethnicities. Majority of the population is from the carribeean and west indies which i love. what i dislike most is the high crime level which is actually getting better. two things a visitor should know when coming to my neighborhood is it is very noisy muffled with alot of music and there are alot of Korean stores on almost every other block. the closest trains are the 2,5 and Q.

Traffic Light This is Picture #1. This traffic light are three circles. Each light has a differnt meaning to the direct traffic accordingly.

Interesting Repeating Pattern This is picture #2. this picture represents a interesting pattern. i think that this pattern is interesting because it similar to train vents but circular. also when walking my pen fell into one of the holes!

Paralel & Perpendicular Lines This is Picture #3. This is a subway railing.  the two long rails are parallel and the shorter rails are perpendicular.

Picture of Numbers This is a bus that is in my neighborhood. its run all the way to Canarsie the other side of Brooklyn.


Parabola Thus is picture #5. this represents a downward parabola. A parabola is symmetrical open plane curve. This is a railing bar. im actually not sure what the railing is used for.

Something I Like This is Picture #6 I like this picture becasue its just interesting. it looks like a bunch of collapsing blocks. in addition to it being the color red which is one of my favorite colors.

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3 Responses to “Treasure Hunt” Flatbush, Brooklyn (Tatiana King)

  1. johnny says:

    # 5 looks like a bike rack

  2. capello325 says:

    Hey I really like the last picture, i think you chose a great picture to represent your interest.

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