Treasure Hunt, Lower East Side/Chinatown (Ariel Yip)

My neighborhood happens to borderline two neighborhoods, so it happens to be very diverse where I live. What I like about my neighborhood is that, since it is diverse there is many types of different food very close towards my place. Everything is convenient and within walking distance. The only thing I do not like is that since in between two neighborhoods, they often do not get along which causes many unnecessary gun fire.

Things a visitor needs to know:

1. Do not stop walking to sight see, the sidewalks are crowded and small and will cause unnecessary bickering and drama.

2. Bring money with you, because there is alot of cute knick knacks that are sold around the gift shops.

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3 Responses to Treasure Hunt, Lower East Side/Chinatown (Ariel Yip)

  1. tatiana says:

    I Love all of your pictures. They are very unique from any other i have seen and very colorful. they are also very animated. My favorite is actually the open oversized hand. Very cute ! if this is your neighborhood i would LOVE to visit.

  2. Jesse says:

    the tea shop picture looks cool, like a bowling bowl

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