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Homework Assignment Day 15: Falling from high places

Due Thursday, 3/29, in class.¬† Please complete the following three problems related to today’s joint class on falling objects and air resistance. ¬†Detailed notes for today’s lecture are available here, and they include three problems we’d like you to complete … Continue reading

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OpenLab Assignment 6: What does this have to do with anything?

Most people go to college because they are trying to build a better future for themselves. ¬†What job do you hope to get after college? ¬†Imagine you have completed your college degree, and your education and experience have allowed you … Continue reading

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OpenLab Assignment #5: Exam 2 review and WeBWorK update

OpenLab Assignment (Due next Tuesday evening, March 16th). ¬†Your second exam will take place next week. ¬†The¬†review sheet¬†has been posted. ¬†In the interest of making this assignment a help (instead of an extra chore), I’m asking you to post a … Continue reading

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