Treasure Hunt Burke Ave / GunHill Section of The Bronx By Justin Marquez

My neighborhood may not be the safest place but i still call it home. Many come to my area by accident  or to transfer to the 2 and 5 train never staying more then an hour . The area is made up of multiple projects buildings and long quiet blocks. These empty abandon areas helping me to find inspiration for my music . My neighborhood may not fit you but i was raised here and this is all i know .

There is also a link down below to my music page feel free to listen and tell me what you think

the three lights of the train signal

the pattern of the brick as well as the pattern of the windows

the bars that are surrounding the train station are both parallel and perpendicular


the number one on a post who or what does it stand for copy the link at the top and find out >:D


the u in burke ave is a parabola

the view from my rooms balcony . a lot has happen on my block but im here to stay

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