Treasure Hunt: Williamsburg,Brooklyn-By:Talia Ordonez

I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn but in the best part, the north side. I love my neighborhood because everyone here is so artistic and fun. Here is a great place to come and hangout  and go to the local bars on North 6 St or even see and underground band play at the Public Assembly Theater down the block. There is so much to do here like play bowling at Brooklyn Bowl or even enjoy a nice Thai cuisine at SEA. Here is just where the young generation can have fun plus the train is only three blocks away!

 Bedford Ave Train Station Entrance

Here you can see that there are more then three circles, but  you find them on the wheels of the bikes and in the L train logo.

Here there are parallel and perpendicular lines on the windows and doors.

Here is a great picture of a parabola on the Williamsburg Bridge!

Here the number 229 represents the number of the building on Bedford Ave.

This my building and what I love about this picture is the pattern of the windows and the balcony together. They both go down vertically and it makes the building look very different from the other.

This is a picture from the East River Park looking out to the beautiful NYC skyline. This is one of my favorite spots to hangout.

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  1. german822 says:

    Wow, I really liked the pictured you took. Especially the fact that I never been to williamsburg bk. Is it a good neighborhood or a hood type hood lol.

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