Treasure Hunt, Richmond Hill, Queens. By: Jesse Mohammed

My neighborhood is located in Richmond Hill, Queens. It is a big community that consists of mostly West Indian (Caribbean) people and everyone in the neighborhood seems to know eachother. It has various kinds of places to go to from restuarants to shopping. One thing I like about the neighborhood is that all the stores are walking distance from the houses but what I don’t like about the neighborhood is that whenever someone cooks you can always smell it blocks away. When visiting this area two things a visitor should know is that you would probably meet somone you’re related too because everyone here knows people somehow and if you need a taxi, it’s not that hard to find one.

Picture #1, the three circles, represent a traffic light.







Picture #1, the three circles, represent a traffic light.






Picture #2, an interesting repeating pattern, bricks of a sidewalk. This is
interesting because they consists of different shapes and sizes but repeats
itself after a while which makes it look like a mosaic.
Picture #3, parallel lines, is a gate in my street with vertical parallel and perpendicular lines
Picture #4, numbers, is numbers on a bus in my neighborhood
Picture #5, the M for McDonalds has two parabolas
Picture #6, I found this at work, a cucumber carved out as a..lizard or something like that but it looks cool
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