Tech-Lit Narrative

Readers should expect to go on a journey through my life and understand how language and technology affected me throughout my lifetime. During the writing of this essay, I struggled with the direction I wanted to take with how language and technology worked their ways into my life. I was able to get the thoughts and narrative flowing once I began writing, although I did struggle a bit with how I was going to connect everything cohesively. If I had to do it again, I would have thought more about the order of events more before writing.


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4 Responses to Tech-Lit Narrative

  1. Tiana Beatty says:

    it seemed that technology along with orality has a significant play in your life. I liked the many uses of different technologies that you have used in your life and how those impacted your view on life and technology. Was there any technologies besides the writing that you may have used during your plays? Has the idea of technology changed for you that’s not related or connected through social media?

  2. Go back and proofread again, some sentences could flow a bit better.

  3. Aaron Nieves says:

    Great introduction for the piece! The overall the paper flows really nicely and the experiences used where detailed well. The conclusion was well written as well. It wasn’t just a summary of everything, but gave closure to the whole piece.

  4. Elijaruhith says:

    Great work!! I enjoyed listening to your masterpiece. It was very interesting and well written. Keep up with great work. Can’t wait to read your next masterpiece.

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