BP #3

The three articles have a similar message and content. For instance, the authors of all three articles emphasized the importance of orality and how it has impacted us throughout history. All authors portray a message that knowledge is manipulated in the way you want to portray it. Knowledge can be shared, but without proof, it is not meaningful. With technology and orality, our knowledge is more developed. The literature we read and are exposed to is the knowledge that is passed down from the orality. Literature can take in the form of technology, and because of technology which is changing rapidly we can grow our knowledge. Literature is embedded into the technology and with all three we become more knowledgeable. According to Gee, “the voice behind the text cannot respond or defend itself. And it cannot vary its substance and tone to speak differently to different readers based on their nature and context.” Gee meant that there is knowledge in the literature; however, it needs to be interpreted and literature can be meant differently to the reader. One thing Trask mentioned about Hawaii is that Hawaii was labeled as racist for having its own culture and people interpreted them as trying to dominate other cultures. However, in this case, this is false because anyone can interpret and make false accusations about anything that is posted on the internet. Technology has its negatives, but with orality and literature, we can prove the accusations to be false. Rath also mentioned that the media spreads news vastly across the world; however, it’s the literature that lets us define and justify whether the media is accurate or not. The media has its own propaganda and it’s up to us if we want to believe it or not. Thanks to our knowledge and literature we can interpret the media on our own too. 


Bonus point

In the class, the Apparatus chart was discussed. It was broken down into three sessions and each had a diverse meaning to it.  The chart contained orality, literacy, and electracy. 

Tech Lit

The process of writing the Tech-lit was fascinating. I enjoyed reflecting on the early stage of my life and glimpsing how I have grown into a different person. Since I moved here I have picked up on many things such as culture, slang, and behaviors in the way I greet and interact with others. This Tech-Lit assignment definitely was an excellent experience. 

Tech Lit Elija

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8 Responses to BP #3

  1. Hi Elijah,

    It would be a little more helpful if you went into more specific detail in stitching the articles together. A little more planning would probably be helpful.

    This is a response to BP3, not to the TL Narrative. That will come separately.

  2. I had also asked that the Tech-Lit Narrative be in a separate post. I’m glad I saw it here. Thanks.

  3. Overall, your piece was a great way for us to get to know you. To improve the quality, I think proofreading or even going to the writing center will benefit you. There are some spelling and grammar issues that can easily be fixed if you go over it again. Otherwise, good work.

  4. khaled says:

    loved the background and imagery you gave in your paper. I noticed a few grammar mistakes throughout the paper, usually when starting sentences. I can’t really find mistakes because I was too absorbed.

  5. Tiana Beatty says:

    Your narrative was good and I like the comparisons between your home country and America. Is there a technology that you had in Bangladesh that isn’t in America? Why was everything so different besides the obvious?

  6. Aaron Nieves says:

    A good start! You should definitely elaborate and connect more of the experiences with orality & literacy to technology a little more. The flow could be fixed a little. Grammar, such as run on sentences can be fixed a bit. Apart from that, you’ve used some great examples.

  7. simmone says:

    it was nice work u just need to work on taking your time and putting it all together

  8. I like how you brought some aspects of your childhood into your essay and connected that with yourself right now. I would say an easy way to help your essay flow is to brainstorm what each paragraph will be about and then write it out.

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