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In Postman’s second chapter “From Tools to Technocracy” of his essay “Technopoly,” Postman is beginning to go in depth about his views on technology and the effect technology has had on different types of societies. Postman describes and discusses three types of societies and their culture. He starts with the oldest society, the tool-using culture, then moves onto technocracies, and technopolies. Postman describes and explains each culture through various examples. To explain the tool using culture, postman refers back to the mechanical clock in chapter one, he also uses the example of waterpower. Postman refers to these examples specifically because they display the characteristic that all tool using cultures share, the ability to use tools to fix their physical problems and to serve as symbolism to art, politics, rituals, or religions. Throughout this chapter, postman makes many valid points which, not only refer to the previous chapter but lead into his main argument. I believe that Postman’s main argument is the evolution of the three previously mentioned societies, and the way in which all three have surrendered their culture in order to accept technology into their society. Postman made it clear throughout the chapter that between the three societies there was a reoccurring technological boom. The way in which these societies handled this boom was to accept the new technology; by finally allowing it to alter their perception and reality.

This chapter was very interesting for me to read because it allowed me insight into the history of the three societies. I found it very interesting to read the history of the tool using culture and watch it evolve through the different examples that Postman used to emphasize his main point of people surrendering to technology. The evolution of the cultures really relates to where we are now. It displays the gradual change of being completely conscious of our societal, political, and physical issues and taking it upon ourselves to use the resources/tools we have to fix them. Whereas now we are in this sate of complete unconsciousness, we are selectively unaware of our environment and our issues. We don’t rely on ourselves or our tools or resources to help us fix the growing societal, political, and physical issues; we are relying on technology. No matter how much people may think they are against technology, it still plays a significant role in their lives, it influences them in some type of way. People have surrendered their beliefs, traditions, and morals to technological and our society is completely unaware of it.

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  1. Interesting post. I like your holistic view.

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