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In the postman essay he talks a lot about how technology can affect the cultures of society. He brings to light how many societies were tool driven with a emphasis on tools solving a urgent problem that would either make a job easier or preform a task humans couldn’t. There are points on cultures having rules or guidelines for there tools and with new technology some of these rules either get distorted or get removed altogether . His ideas state that tools are not to interfere with a societies culture, or their belief in there ideology or culture only help.聽Technocracies are what happen when tools take on more than just a simple way to solve a problem

I Think that this essay explains a lot about how we have values on the things we hold dear, like our tools. These values can be held on for dear life but at the same time can be tossed out quite easily for something new. When he talks about how the mills and how prostitutes used to use them for their trade but at the same time after they would have copulation they would always light a fire. This act made it a public event cause they had to go get firewood that was let to start it so everyone would see who did it with who, but the inventions of matches caused that to be tossed aside quite quickly and prostitution then became even more of a secret act people preformed. technology and tools can have values at one point but eventually they either get replaced or tossed aside for the new way cause we human have a desire for the new even if that means leaving behind what we have now.

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  1. What about technocracies?

  2. Abigale says:

    I really appreciate the points you were making here. I agree with you 100%. I would just use spell-check to fix the typos. I enjoyed it!

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