Creative Detournement


This picture is meant to represent the feelings towards firearms in the United States. So many people in the country believe that guns are necessary and almost put them on a pedestal. The “In God We Trust” at the bottom is there to show just how seriously people take their right to bear arms. It is meant to show just how obsessed some are, and is an exaggerated phrase to show how ridiculous it seems to others. I think people have way too much of an attachment to their firearms and that presents a dangerous scenario.





This picture is meant to make people question what they are eating and make them aware of the acts that lead to their food being served. Most of the public prefers to be blissfully unaware of how exactly their food is produced. A picture like this brings it right to their face so they can no longer pretend as if the animals involved in the meals are treated like loved pets and are in fact treated not like animals, but just as the next pile of meat to be consumed.

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