Creative Detournement Project

For this project, you’re required to post an culture jamming image/creative detournement project. I would prefer to see projects that are related to your issue project, but you can do others as well. I’d also like to see you post three different images. Technically, you are only required to post one, but I am strongly encouraging you to post three. I think the variety of different projects will give you a better opportunity both to learn and to expand your thinking.

Drafts are due 11/23 and final projects are due 11/30. When you post your final project, make sure to write a blog post where you tell us, in detail, the story behind the project/s. Please let us know how you came to the ideas for these projects, what inspired you, what you admired. Go on to explain the process you went through in putting these together. Finally, tell us what you think can be done to improve what you’ve begun here?


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