Creative Detournement

America’s Finest

Police brutality has been a topic in the America's Finestnews as of late and that was what sort of called me into making this one. This one was rather simple to make, all I added was the text at the bottom to showcase that this what we call our protectors. Here they are displaying brutal justice upon a civilian. Most of the time, force of this caliber is unnecessary and can cause more damage than good but, this is what the police does.


We are constThe Statue of Survellanceantly being tracked, monitored, surveilled, and recorded. While many people people don’t know and others who don’t care, privacy has been slipping away under the guise of “protection.” It’s for safety, that’s what were told and people either take it at face value, ignore it, or do nothing. Serious discussion needs to be made in order to find the line that differentiates privacy and safety if that’s how the government defends it’s public surveillance. If not, eventually we will have no privacy whatsoever and it will become a word future generations will not even knowing the meaning of.

Privacy Who Cares

Animal Cruelty


Here I went with this picture because it was just so haunting to me. Bloody wall, a lone chicken awaiting his fate, the feathers of another plastered all over, and then we see the commercials on television where people are enjoying the food. Yet, we have no idea what those chickens went through. They are placed in horrible conditions and killed in such grotesque manners but then are cleaned up to sell us on a platter. There is no respect for them, no care, no decency for their life, just seen as something to make a profit out of.

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