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I consider acts of activism to be quite the fun experience. The way we detourned famous slogans made me feel this way as it was interesting to think about companies in a different way. For example, Nike’s slogan “just do it” was changed to “just abuse it.” This made me think about all the controversy that has been going on with Nike taking advantage of various countries for profit. However I took a different approach as I looked at America as a whole and used the national anthems “all say can you see” and changed it to “all say can you buy.”

I believe the type of fun that we had in detourning slogans is something that should be common in all jobs as it would make us work harder. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case because hours can be very long, which usually results in lack of sleep. Time constraints and the way bosses and coworkers act can strip enjoyment from our lives as well.

I believe what we learned in class has helped me understand how detournment works more in depth. It can not only apply to words but pictures as well. This is seen in the famous pepper spray cop as individuals Photoshopped an officer pepper spraying those who are obviously innocent, such as characters from Peanuts, a baby, and even god.

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