Writing Prompt

1. Acts of activism can indeed be fun when being creative with your message. When an agenda breaks the norm of day to day life it not only encourages an audience to think differently on a situation, it can also entertain the people and the activist. As we mocked slogan’s in class and changed their message we not only got a kick out of it, but we became engaged in thinking what purpose these slogans can serve and how they can be presented for that purpose.

For many of us, doing what we love is not an option right now. Real world responsibilities hit, and in desperate search for money we are forced to take up jobs that suck the soul out of us. Those in power encourage a bleak image of what life is suppose to be like. Those who try to walk another path are frowned on by society.

2. In class I’ve learned that there are no limits to detournement. From “The Art of Necessity” and looking at pictures of pepper spray cop, I saw the different ways one can engage in activism and how, particularly in the Jordan piece , it can bring a community together. I learned that detournement can be an art and can be enjoyable. I’ll take the readings and discussions in class as references when working on my project to return to if I become stumped in coming up with ideas.

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