Final Project

From my first project to second project, I added more content to the video, and I added more detail and explanation to the following paragraphs. At first i wasn’t sure about how to start. After i got my idea, i was completely unsure about my 2nd part of the project. My first video was only one minute and my final video is three and a half minutes long. I had technical difficulties creating the final piece which was very frustrating and i wasn’t able to record a new video because, I didn’t have my star guest to dance for me. Overall I thought the second half of the project was fun.

In my English, technical writing class, I have learned and read a lot about electracy. Electracy is what the world is coming towards, everything being revolved around the Internet. The world has moved from a world of orality, communicating with others only through word of mouth, to literacy, everything being written down in books, to a current developing world of electracy. Electracy has changed our lives by the way we think, write and respond to situations. The Internet is a host for a lot of things, good and bad. Electracy is participating on the Internet and all around us. Bobby Shmurda aka Ackquille Jean Pollard is just a regular American rapper from the projects in Brooklyn who made a video to one of his rap songs “Hot Nigga” that exploded the summer of 2014. The power electracy has, Bobby Shmurda was able to become as famous as he is today through, spreadability, entertainment, play and trace.

When the “Shmoney Dance” came out, it has blown up on Vine, and Twitter. On YouTube it has more than 92 million views. Viewers thought this meme was interesting that made them repurpose it into their own meme while participating in it causing this meme to become spreadable. Spreadability is the ability for online participants to share, comment and like something causing it to be shared globally all over the world. Viewers made up their own version of the dance, uploading it to various websites mimicking the “Shmoney dance.” It became viral that even celebrities started making their own videos and uploading them creating more views of the shmoney dance. This built Bobby Shmurda’s name making him become more famous. This spreadability was 100% successful in electracy, which means the Internet was used to promote participating and sharing of his meme.

Entertainment is all over the Internet. It is not only videos but also photos, & comments as well. Entertainment and play goes hand in hand with the shmoney dance. In electracy, on the Internet, memes are a part of entertainment for the viewers and play is a part of the entertainment. In Bobby Shmurda’s video, the play or movie video aspect is a part of its entertainment. In the video, he plays as if he is shooting a gun; smoking marijuana; has a cup in his hand as if he was drinking alcohol and he plays around with his shmoney dance making it entertaining for viewers. In addition, he used the hood as his location for the video including many friends from the area. His video received over 92 million views on YouTube because of the entertainment & play Bobby Shmurda performed on his video.

Each and every link shared, liked or commented on makes up Bobby Shmurda’s Identity. There is always a trace on the Internet of every individual. The Internet always leaves a possibility for traces every time you launch another site or even post a blog, comment or like a picture. Everyone’s traces on the Internet of Bobby Shmurda made up his identity. This links together with the attraction display in electracy. If it attracts the audience, then the audience will share it. He is successful in creating an identity for himself by the help of others sharing and repurposing his video that was shared virally around the world. His video attracted many viewers. Many people did agree that his video took off because of the “hood” aspect of the video and his signature shmoney dance. The hood aspect of the video, relates to many people with Bobby Shmurda, smoking, drinking, and using gunplay. When the public can relate to events in the video, it is more likely it will be liked and shared.  The Shmoney dance he does, is simply moving your legs right to left with your own twist to it. This attraction display in the video, promoted itself, and was repurposed by everyone who participated in sharing his music. They left a trace of him and, those traces makes Bobby Shmurda who he is today.

According to my project, the shmoney dance is harmless, non-violent fun.  Even though the original video, portrays unethical events such as violence, smoking, and drinking, many people are sharing his shmoney dance and not the unethical events. The Shmoney dance is pure fun because it makes you get creative in repurposing your dance, and there is nothing wrong with dancing. From babies to older adults did the shmoney dance. In electracy, sharing of the shmoney dance shows how successful Bobby Shmurda is in creating an attractive, entertaining video for his viewers. My meme was an ethical way of repurposing Bobby Shmurda’s shmoney dance meme.

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