Three things for the Electracy Project You Need to Know

Commenting–Due Sunday 5/10 by 8 p.m.

I tweeted Jodiann and asked her to contact you all and tell you that the comments for each other’s projects are due Sunday night. I have also emailed each of you. Failure to complete this will result in a subtraction of 10 points from your project.

Give each of your colleagues at least three suggestions for improvement. Everyone should have 4 comments from their peers by Sunday night, 8 p.m.

Evaluation Criteria

Before we get to the letter, let me give you the evaluation criteria, the things I’ll be looking for in this project.

  1. An analysis of an electrate project and an explanation of how that project works according to electrate thinking. You should discuss at least three ways in which the project follows electrate logic.
  2. Adequate framing and attention to audience. These projects are written so that they can stand completely on their own; this means they are not being written to a specialized audience (such as our class). They are being written to a more general audience. You can assume this audience is sophisticated and curious but not necessarily familiar with the discussions we’ve had in class.
  3. Adequate and sufficient explanation of all points and images.
  4. While you are not required to use Mumford quotations directly, I expect to see some evidence of how you are drawing from or being inspired by Mumford.
  5. An electrate project that serves as a response to an ethical difficulty in electracy.
  6. An adequate explanation that discusses the electrate project in comparison to the earlier, ethical problem you analyzed.

ProTip1: When you are ready to submit, make sure to review this post and the assignment sheet聽and check your work against it.

ProTip2: It goes without saying that the writing needs to be clean, proofread, and correct. Set aside specific time to do nothing but just this. Make your corrections. And always read your corrections over again, at the phrase level, at the sentence level, and at the paragraph level. Always finish your corrections with reading, never writing. The entire project will be pulled down by the failure to do this.

ProTip3:聽Give it a good once-over read straight through before submitting.

Reflection Letter

When you post your project, I’d like you to write a reflection letter about the process. Put this letter at the top of the project, as a sort of explanation and introduction to the project. This isn’t optional.

In this letter, explain the following:

  • your process of thinking through the process and the various stages the project went through.
  • your impression of the various projects that are up for submission. What kind of feedback did you give to your peers?聽What is your overall feeling about doing this project? And how do you feel we as a class handled it?What kind of feedback did you get from your peers and what changes did you make? What changes were you planning on making at that stage?
  • What kind of feedback did you get from your peers and what changes did you make? What changes were you planning on making at that stage?
  • Your feelings and thoughts about the project in general or anything else you鈥檇 like to add in order to prepare me to read the rest.

Final drafts of projects are due on Tuesday before class.

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