Welcome Fall 2015, Response 1

Welcome, folks. Glad you made it here.

You first job will be to write a blog post on this site. To do this, you will need to create an account and login if you don’t already have a City Tech Open Lab account. Work is always due by the beginning of class.

Next, you will need to look to the left hand column and at the top, you will see “Posts.” Under that, click “Add New” and start typing.

Your job for Wednesday.

1. Go to Remsen Graphics and purchase the course packets. (Go to 52 Court Street, just up the block). Tell them it’s for Leston’s class, course ENG 1710.

2. Browse through the course packets and read the first essay by Postman “The Judgment of Thamus.”

3. Create an Open Lab account and login to the site.

4. Spend some time navigating the open lab site, so you understand how it works.

5. Write your blog post. Title your blog post “Response 1.” Here you should write:

1. An introduction to yourself. Who you are, what you’re interested in, why you’re taking this class, etc. Include your impression of the syllabus and the course packet. Which parts of the class are you looking forward to? What questions do you have concerning the class.

2. Go on to write a summary-response to the first reading. This should be two paragraphs long. The first paragraph should summarize what you consider to be the main argument that Postman is making in the essay. The second paragraph should be your response to it. Here, you should describe your thoughts and feelings concerning the essay you’ve read. Feel free to relate what he is saying to your observations about the world we live in today.

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