Jerome Jarre – Vine Phenomenon


Jerome Jarre is a Vine sensation with almost 8 million follower which ranks him in the top 4 of all Vine participants. He has also been ranked the first ever Snapchat celebrity. Almost everyone that has some form of social media has seen this funny french guy preform weird acts such as  hugging strangers or having squirrels in his pocket. But what few know of him is that his story really is one of rags to riches. In 2013 Jarre was on the streets of New York homeless, sleeping on an office floor and bathing in a nearby gym as reported in an article featured in the New York Times. When he discovered the Vine app it only took a few tries before he was a viral sensation. His vines have created a career for him with advertising agencies approaching him to place their products in his vines for big bucks. His 6 second clips have brought him into fame, fortune, and for him a purpose in life. 

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