Before&After Arroyo


Before reading Arroyo’s interpretation of electracy I would have defined this concept as perhaps as the way we formulate and learn via the internet and other digital sources or outlets. Before Arroyo, I was not quite sure what electracy even meant fully even though we had gone over the idea in class. I could not seem to understand that there was a need for a concept to define the move from literacy to this new digital age.


After arroyo I more so  understood electracy as a concept that encompasses both orality and literacy in essence. Electracy takes on orality’s foundation of community and literacy’s belief in the written word. Together these two concepts intertwine with the internet and other technological advancements to create electracy. As literacy has a  demand to be read and written, electracy has demands of networking, and sharing. Electracy relies on us to grow  in popularity.

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