Internship post 7 – In the works

At about the second or third week working for Liquid Dreams Design my supervisors were in the market for a new printer, a four color printer than can print on any material and cut production cost and time in half. After all the debating and minor details the printer was bought. Now we run into the issue of “where are we gonna put this thing” as some of the workers said. The printer is 11ft long and can extend up to 8ft wide, depending on what material need to be feed into the printer. The shop itself is about 25ft long and 10ft wide.this alone would be enough but we have about 4 other printer taking up space around the office.

Aside from all these dilemmas, customers have already caught news about our expansion and upgrades. Production for print and mounting will be shortened, and colors coming from this printer should be more vibrant and enriched. The cost of the printer is pricey, but we hope the the continuing business of our customers and help through word of mouth can help boost our sales and pay off this printer over time.

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