Internship post 1 – About Liquid Dreams Design

I work for an independent print company located between Ave Y and West 3rd, It’s called Liquid Dreams Design. We work in making Large scale prints at high photo quality and in whole sale. The size of the shop is about 40’x15’ around 600 sq.ft. Since this is a privately owned company a lot of the customers know use on a first name basis which provides a lot of returning business. Our main services is large scale printing, step & repeats, banners, posters, window clings, mesh banners, stickers and a lot more. The company started about 18 years ago, and there weren’t any big moments in history that changed this company drastically. We are power looking into buying a new machine that print straight to sub-straight. I work between several positions, answering phone calls for orders, design for clients that have an idea for prints, changing material for the printers based on the orders and making sure that the customers get the right prints weather it be pick up or shipping.

Just another design prodigy