Internship post 3

During a regular day we work filling out online orders and call ins. Cheryle (Mike’s wife) and Sergio (Mike’s father) create invoices for orders and put the for the print que, the Mike (boss) sends the file info to the printers and sets the sizing accordingly. Then we send the prints off and apply the proper finishes, such as hem and gromets or pole slips for stands. I’ve have been working close with mike to learn how to send the work orders to the printers and get them on the right material. The work attire is casual and comfortable clothing, incase you get ink or anything on your clothes, and comfortable sneakers since your moving back and forth all day. I have a desk in a corner of the main room and work off my own personal laptop to do any work. My typical hours are between 9 am and 2 pm. All my bosses are very generous and provide food whenever they eat.

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