Internship Post 5 – Project evaluation

With in the first 5 weeks i was presented with many challenges and jobs, let me tell you about my most relevant one. We were working with a third party web designer that didn’t fill in her part of the agreement in creating a cohesive website that customers can navigate and use easily. Since this third party fell short i was assigned her task. I am by no means a web designer but i gave it my best shot and came up with webpage designed layouts. Through the use of photoshop I made the layout for every page on the site. My boss and his Family gave feed back and helped by providing me the information that goes on the site, with images and body copy. The job came out successful and they are on board with using my designs as a layout for their new website.

When everything was said and done, my bosses ended up liking the design for the website and we have plans to launch the site soon in the future. I personally felt a little in creating a design layout for the liquid dreams design site, on the count that i have some experience in coding and web design as well as a lot of UI experience, so I knew how to work around problems and limitations.

Just another design prodigy