Internship post 6 – working with Liquid Dreams Design

We are now over 5 weeks in, and some thing big came up. My bosses at LDD have made a decision to hire me full time after my internship finishes. They like the positive attitude and my customer service skills and see it as a great asset for their company. I myself see this as a great opportunity to work close with printers and see the whole process from design on machines to finished products ready to present or distribute. They hope to provide me with a working station that fits their criteria, also while making expansions for a new 4 color printer that prints straight to sub-straight. I will be going on vacation soon so they hope to put me on schedule once i get back.

I am proud that I can keep my self motivated with a job that works in line with my career path. We at Liquid Dreams Design hope to provide everyone with the best printing services we can offer.

Just another design prodigy