Jamal Sennon

ARCH 1121



Geometries of Churches Analysis


There are many Churches within history. From churches inspired by gothic architecture to the ones built around 500 to 1420 AD. these churches have had many changes which overtime improved designs of churches. Also within different times churches did things that were different in their designs. Some used structural elements such as flying buttresses for support as well as aesthetic purposes. One church in particular that uses this element is the notre dame cathedral. There are also structures which use stained glass to create these amazing areas of light which also tell a story through the glass. While going through lectures in class I noticed that a majority of the churches shown have an area in which at some point all attention points towards. Throughout time churches have done things that have made each individual structure stand out. From using structural elements as an aesthetic asset to pushing back the entrances to add a level of depth to a structure. Some churches had a radial setup or octagonal look with a center which had a dome above it. Also based off what the people of that church worshipped the shape of the structure would vary. This was something very interesting in my opinion. Some  churches represented something based off how they were built. If a church had a vast dimension with a lot of repetition it is viewed as powerful.


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