story of on day in the park

Today is Sunday, a little windy but sunny. John get dress and ready to go the park. John likes to go for a walk every Sunday afternoon.  He walks in the park see the river and trees, he keeps walk to the swing. He plays on a swing for a little while, then he get off walks to the seesaw. He see a box next to the seesaw, he opens the box see a little puppy. He picks him up then decide to take him home. John pick up the box walks to home. John gets home and sit on sofa with his new little puppy.

Graphic Design Principles 1

Time goes quick, this semester finished. I even don’t have time to get to know every one. But from this course I learned a lot experiene and knowledges. Such as Obvious and Ambiguous. This course teach me a lot of new things. I was very enjoyed in this class.Swissted posterIMG_1656 adv1100 hw3

I think these are my best works, at least I love thess works.  All of works took me very long time to made but I enjoyed the processed.

A City Tech OpenLab ePortfolio