Weekly Assignment 12 May 4

On May 4, our class had quest speaker, Mr. Levin a Professional Career Coach. He spoke about many important things, including tactics to get into the industry. Some points he talked about were: Career sequence- Internships create the foundation, gained experience is the beginning of branding yourself, plan a strategy to join companies you want, understanding the market vocabulary, look at your resume and adjust to fit more with job requirements, when applying for jobs companies take less then 10 secs to look at your resume so you have to use important key words, bring a notebook to interview (shows that you are a serious student of life and business), whatever you do do something your passionate about because you will go above and beyond for it, relationships rule (By knowing people you open more doors), when interviewing look at it as a open interview, always research and prepare before joining a company. I will use these tactics to more effectively approach applying and branding myself for jobs.

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Hearst Trip Assignment 4/13

We had a class trip to Hearst tower. It was a great experience that showed us a behind the scene view of what happens when a magazine is being made. We learned how they organized their page layouts for magazines, and how that process went from a physically laborious task of organization to a more quick and simple digital layout throughout the years. We also learned about how the company choices to place certain pages together, usually they tend to separate like pages away from each other by 4-5 pages. Most common mistakes are 1- Bad Placement, 2-Bad Color, and 3-Competitive Separation. We also learned that the Hearst company places high importance on color balance, and has specific special rooms for different processes. For example, computers used to create digital work are placed in a dark room with gray walls, and has the computers color collaborated frequently to have the best color accuracy. When checking for color balance of a picture it is sent into a white room with special lighting, and carefully used cloths to test a printed image color balance. Overall their was a lot we learned, and I was glad to be part of it.

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Internship Blog: Week 9

By week 9, I am confident enough to say that I have build a close relationship with the co-workers that they will remember me for a life time. This is important because it will be easier for them to hire me in the future because they will already know who I am. So some producer continue to be the same, will with the others I continue to build a strong bond together. Someday I did small communication problems, but it was all a good life lessons.

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Internship Blog: Week 4-8

As the weeks kept moving, working their started to become second nature. Even though I was really eager to create full animations for them, they didn’t let me because I was just a part-time animator. They only allow full time workers to do that. So I continued to feel under valued by some of the producers, but the good news is that other producer new my abilities and had confidence in me. With them, I was able to help produce videos for big named brands such as Microsoft, Audible, New York Life, and more.

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Internship Blog: Week 3

By the third week, I started to get faster at organizing files, and working with producers. I still felt like I wasn’t being valued enough, and felt a lot of mis-communication with my abilities and skill levels. I continued getting free food ever Wednesday which was always a plus.

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Internship Blog: Week 2

In week two, I learned that their was around 50 other animators, and 5 producers. I started to get a general sense of who was easy or hard to work with. From the 4 producers, 2 were always annoyed or angry when I would talk to them, and the other 2 had faith in my ability and I loved working with me.

I also learned that the co-workers usually don’t say hay or good morning to each other. I continued to learned their process of creating animations, and how they organized files. That week I helped, fix a animated promo video they had for their company.

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Internship Blog: Week 1

So the first week of the internship, was all about getting to know the people and environment. At first everyone, did not know my skill levels or what I was capable of. It was a little annoying because I knew my skills, and had worked previously animating for around a year.

One awesome thing that happen that week is that I got FREE FOOD! Every Wednesday they have free food day, in which you order up to $11 of food from seamless delivered directly to you. I ordered a sandwich and large chocolate chip cookie from Potbelly, and felt like I was in heaven. Overall, I was confident and got used to it very quickly because I was already working at another company couple of days ago.

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Week 3 Assignment (Resume)

Who am I?

Hey, my name is Wilson Sanchez, and I was born in Brooklyn, NY. I was born in a family of two smart and hardworking parents. From a small age, I was influence by my mother, who is an artist and a painter. From the age of four, I have never stopped drawing. I am constantly approached by other people telling me that my skills are very impressive.

One of my most important skills, is self-awareness. I know where I’m headed, and what level of quality or value I want to produce. Just because someone else tells me I’m good, I always have the final say. That’s why by the age of 21, I disciplined myself to practice drawing and painting, everyday, 4 to 5 hours per day. Through researching the best artist, and reading and applying what I learned, I began seeing massive growth in my abilities. Today I believe my skills are good enough, for me to be recognized by the masses. As I keep pushing the boundaries, I will eventually become very successful in my career. Currently I’m fluent in After Effects, Photoshop, In design, Illustrator, Script Writing, 2D Animation, Guitar, singing, song-writing and already have around 1.5 years working in the industry as an illustrator, Graphic┬ádesigner, and 2D Animator. Helped create and produce marketing animation┬ávideos for Microsoft, Audible, and New York Life.


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Week 7 Assignment

When talking about printing standards in class, we learned that depending on the medium or outlet used for distribution the color range will be effected.  Their are currently around five different types of color systems, ranging from most color to least color. Visible Light (the sun) holds the most colors, then color film, color monitor, coated stock print, and finally the least is newsprint. For instance, printing on a newsprint will never give you the same color richness as a coated stock print or a color monitor can, because the color system or range of color of newsprint is much smaller compared to the others. Depending on distribution direction, its important to know what color standards your dealing with.

Some lead competitors in this market are, Arko Custom, Staples, USPS, Banta Coporations. These companies usually have different papers and prices. Its important to know what medium your printing on to avoid losing time and money.

Designers should learn the color systems because it makes him/her more valuable overall. By knowing the color ranges and distribution you can generate better final products, which in effected will make others trust you more, and you will make your company look better. Knowing this can ultimately help you and the company save time, money and printing frustrations. Helping you have the edge over other designers who are not aware of it.

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Some Graphic Design 1, I did.


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