Weekly Assignment 12 May 4

On May 4, our class had quest speaker, Mr. Levin a Professional Career Coach. He spoke about many important things, including tactics to get into the industry. Some points he talked about were: Career sequence- Internships create the foundation, gained experience is the beginning of branding yourself, plan a strategy to join companies you want, understanding the market vocabulary, look at your resume and adjust to fit more with job requirements, when applying for jobs companies take less then 10 secs to look at your resume so you have to use important key words, bring a notebook to interview (shows that you are a serious student of life and business), whatever you do do something your passionate about because you will go above and beyond for it, relationships rule (By knowing people you open more doors), when interviewing look at it as a open interview, always research and prepare before joining a company. I will use these tactics to more effectively approach applying and branding myself for jobs.

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